Even older..... 2003
The ooooold Apt HTheater 2004
Home Theater 2019
just a few pics for now....ill try and get more up soon
Cars...Duh - Blu Ray
Drakes Fortune - PS3
Invincible - Blu Ray
Assassins Creed - 360
A few shots of GTA4 on 360
The Matrix - DVD
Theater as of 2008
Yep...its a weak center console......meh, who
Right Wall (Taken from 3rd row)
Left Wall (Shot taken from 3rd row)
Yep its an  RXZ-11 Bi-Amp'd with a

Why did I do it?  Three reasons.

1- Because I CAN

2- Because you CAN'T

3- Because Jim Patzer is an Audio Snob
Theater Specs (As of August 2013)

Screen- 110" Da-Lite
Projo- Sony VW85
LCD- 37" Vizio

Reciever- Yamaha Z11 & Denon 4308ci

DVD- Samsund DVDHD860
HD-DVD- Xbox360 Player
Blu-Ray- PS3 & BDPS970

Center - Definitive Mythos Eight
Fronts- Definitive SuperTowers
Sides - Martin Logan Scripts
Rears - Martin Logan Scripts

VCR????- Yep, still have the JVC DVHS

PS3, Wii, 360, XBOX, PS2, GCube, SNES,
NES, N64 hooked up now

DreamCast, Genesis, coming soon
Theater Room circa 2009-2016
Some of the Childrens Lego's
The new Theater Chairs