Welcome Back to the greatest fantasy basketball site, which covers the greatest
fantasy NBA league on the planet!  I'm back..and in time this year....again!   Trade
Breakdowns, Pre-Season Rankings, Interviews, Updates, News its all going to be  
here.  Now I can't promise that every single happening in the league will be
covered here, but if its a major story, you can be SURE I'll have it from every  
angle possible!

I only ask two things from the readers.  First, if you have any feedback or ideas
PLEASE let me know (Kyle_Gates27@hotmail.com).  And Second, consider
getting (and posting to the league) a subscription to an IM service such as  Skype
or AIM or Yahoo.  If ya have one, and I know what it is, it sure makes it easier to
grab you for an interview on the spot (and for the rest of the league, sure makes  
trading easier when you can do it in real time).
The Ranks.......DONE
Check it out!
New trade grading system!