It often takes years to happen……

It can even take decades…..

If it happens at all…….

And it never, ever, happens the very first time……

Never.  Say.  Never.
Shhhhhhh.  Listen…..  Listen…..  Listen to the sound of The People.

Listen to the sound, of The Great One last week…….”send the best team in the league…….home”….

Listen to the sound of THE Most Electrifying Man in Fantasy Entertainment!!!  Listen to The Rock!!!  
And most importantly watch.  WATCH as The Rock does the impossible.  Watch as The Rock, the lowest
seed, takes down the Bogart, the highest seed…….in the very first playoffs EVER to take place in Space
Jam!  The Rock TOLD the world what he was about.  The Rock TOLD the world he Would.  Not.  Yield.  
And The Rock told the WORLD he would Layeth the Smack DOWN on Bogarts Candy Ass!!  

You see it was quite simple.  Bogart’s team brought the best record in the league.  Bogart’s team
brought the most points in the league.  But Borgart’s team failed in one key arena.  You see he brought
David Skywalker Thompson to face The Great One.  When in reality he would have needed LUKE
Skywalker to even have a CHANCE against The Peoples Champion!!!  

So now, The Rock says this…….Brian Bogart.  You take your lesser Skywalker, take your best record,
and take allllll your injury prone “players” and you pack it all up into the biggest U-Haul trailer you can
find!  Then Bogart, The Rock wants you to drive that U-Haul down to the Pepsi Center and he wants you
to find Brian Shaw….. and put HIM in that U-Haul too.  Then The Rock says you will hook that trailer up
to your 2012 hot pink Nissan Cube (The Rock KNOWS you have one, he’s seen the photos>>>>>>>>).  
Then Brian Bogart, you drive all of it right down the road to Louie’s house (Just google Leroy Jenkins…it’
ll take you right to him).  You break in and you FIND that hard copy of the Space Jam rules (it’ll be the
piece of paper framed and hanging right over Louie’s shrine to the Tellytubbies) and you TAKE those
rules.  Then lastly, The Rock wants you to put Louie in the drivers seat of the Cube and then, you will
have him drive the Cube, The U-Haul, His rules, Brian Shaw and your entire Team Straight Up Your