Claudecentage- Designed to primarily increase Mr. Sammoury's paycheck but also included is a
boosted MVP rank, an even bigger ego and of course....better courtside seats with the company
owner at LEAST once a year (1st class seating on the private jet included).
Claudsultation- Cant' find Claude?  Wondering where he is?  He is on the schedule but can't be
found?  Ahh yes, the mystical miracle that is.....the Cladusultation.  When on a Claudsultation, the
subject will be more aloof than a snow leopard and as difficult to find as those weapons of mass
Caludsational- Can be substituted for Claudtatsic, Clausome, or Superclaudifragilisticexpialidocious!!
Claudsense- A statement or action that just does not compute, and makes no sense at all.  But to
Claude, it makes picture perfect Claudsense.
Claudasity- Generally thought of as an action so absurd or over-the-top, that a mere mortal would
NEVER attempt it.  To Claude however, this is merely an everyday occurrence.
Claudcience (Pronounced Claude-shence)- No scruples.  No concern for fellow  No conscience whatsoever.
Claudceptable- This refers to an action that Claude himself has approved (usually relating to a high
Claudcentage or approval of Claude leaving early)