Cmon man! I know you and Sean have had your problems, but to dub him the owner who was the
greatest pain, who caused the most work for you? Thats not fair! I have been here every step of the
way to document your downfall from irksomeold guy to FUCKING RETARD who will grow old(er) alone
and wither away to .......oh wait, yer already down to nuthin. So to say its not me whos the biggest pain
is a slap in the face! Of course I have moved on already to leagues owned bypeeps who have a clue
(again, takes a few hours a week to run a league......a league even more in depth than Gerrys
fiasco....and....everyone in said leagues is...OMG...HAPPY!!!) and am just here to watch more of
Gerrys aptly named, Insanity.  

I have of course been documenting all of the goings on....getting Gerrys emails sent to me and then
posting themfor all to see. Dont worry Ger, I always email Sean or Neil....or Gatto to let them know
when more of your twisted shit is posted, they all see it, its all there. But really the only thing thats
making me happy through all of this is...Gerry has lost! Anyhow, Ill post this msg on my site....but more
importantly, ill have Seans farewell email to Mr. Nason and I must say, if you think im aint
read NUTHIN yet! Had Gerry shown one shred of humanity(or takin one ounce of blame) I may have
elected not to postSeans.....low down email.....but after what this Jerry....itis pronounced Jerry right?
(Ive always it Jerry or G......erry (with a G sound)).

Anyhow, read on you evil clown you..and if this doesnt get me kicked...I guess what the others have
said is true. I am doomed to be FORCEDto remain in this league as punishment for my crime of
excellent reporting. So, for Seans final email, and for most of Gerrys behind the back emails (we've left
a few out...gotta have sumpin to add every few weeks for the next few months)....tune in to the site
at:....oh wait, yer already here!!!
Home Loans
Home Loans Counter

The Rock……..Has Had….ENOUGH!

The Peoples Champion is back………..for the final time (In this league anyway).  Now, The Rock has seen a lot
in his day, and heard quite a few arguments and squabbles.  But never has he come upon the PERFECT
human……until now.  That perfect human…..Gerry Nason.  How can The rock say this man is perfect?  
Because throughout the troubles of the Insanity leagues…..Nason remains…..TOTALLY BLAME FREE!!!  
AMAZING!!  And even beyond that he is able to place blame on darn near EVERYONE else……just
astonishing!  Only a perfect man could tolerate being the only person who is completely without fault!

Either that, or Gerry Nason is without a doubt THE Biggest Bastard in Fantasy Entertainment Today!!  Just
read his emails….he never assumes any of the blame for any of the problems…its all someone elses fault.  
Meanwhile Cole, Louie, Collins…..all run leagues that….ohmigosh DON’T have these problems!  (Incidentally it
also comes down that the “20+ hours a week” Gerry spends running the leagues is mainly spent jacking off to
a picture of Bob Gatto since it takes less than 25% of that calculation).  As for a bit o proof……hit up the ol
Insanity website where The Rock will post a few emails from MR Nason….where The Commish just places
blame after blame on peeps like The Rock, Sean, Neil, blah blah blah……yet he never takes even the slightest
hint of blame himself…..Mr. Perfect indeed.  

So it is with great pleasure that THE ROCK takes his left boot AND his right boot….shines em up real nice,
turns em sideways and shoves em STRAIGHT UP NASONS CANDY ASS!!!

Finally……Mr. Nason also happens to be a total control freak so when I post from here on will be on my
website…..and Nason will just deal with it unable to delete, censor or silence me (or anyone else for that
matter..wanna say sumpin let me know and Ill put it up lol).  As far as The Rocks role is concerned….yep, The
Rock will take some blame as I have been a thorn in the past (Asking for Franchise Players in year one almost
got me banned…..then Nason enacted it anyway……and of course my infamous review of another of Gerrys
total BS trades got me close too).  So I am not saying I am blame free here…but surely Gerry isn’t perfect….is
he?  As for this latest issue (The Wood trade) I didn’t say a thing on it to Gerry or really anyone else.
Gerry wants to win his leagues by ANY means necessary…including lording over the league like The King of
Kings himself…..YES GERRY THEY ARE YOURYOURYOUR LEAGUES…..but give us a break ya crotchety old
Bastard!  (And yes, he is old……I wondered at first….is this just a young punk kid who thinks hes God?  Or an
old man ina basement somewhere longing for attention?  It’s the latter guys)

So read on for a few of Gerrys emails to The Rock……don’t worry, Ill post my emails to JJJJJJJerry as well so
you get both sides of the story.  I may be getting kicked now (cant hit an “I give up with this candyass league
because the candyass commish is a…candyass” button so Ill let Gerry do the honors)……But Megatron…..
The Rock WILL find you and The Rock WILL Layeth The Smackdown on your candy ass!!!

In the end.....It makes The Rock smile that its Gerry....whos LOST!

The Insanity leagues are run by:
My Email from the 22nd:

Whats going on with the NBA league?  Is the site just down...or.....has the unthinkable happened?


Gerrys response:

The basketball league is over, as is the baseball league at the end of the year.  I just have had enough of
trying to please people who don't care about anyone but themselves.

Putting in 15 to 20 hours a week only to be constantly criticized just got to be too much of a drag.  I gave the
site back to CBS, as I had no plans on renewing.


My next email:

Well, gotta ask at least.....................any way you could trasfer er to me?  Id like a shot at it.  

And Nasons response:

The site was turned back over to CBS.  I imagine that they reset it, clearing all data and values.  That is no
problem, come August, they will have sites available again.    

Running the site and the league is no problem.  It is dealing with a bunch of people who want things their way.  
However, it can't be their way because it is your vision.  Once those two forces collide, you are in for stress,
headaches, and lots and lots of bullshit.  

You are putting in 15 to 20 hours a week with no pay, so some asshole can criticize you, your decisions and
your rules publically in front of the entire league.  It really gets old fast.  You should think twice before getting
involved.  I made it three years, but I don't think I could have gone another year without cleaning house and
starting over with new owners.

Poor trade choices had left two thirds of the basketball league with mediocre to poor teams.  Basically it was a
three or four horse race.  That was going to get old and people were going to start to quit because they had
little to no chance of winning.

I tried to get Sean, Luis and Neil on the same page to throw back two or three players each so that it would be
a little fairer.  But once I got it worked out with them, the people who were going to benefit from it started
arguing amongst themselves.  Then Sean, Luis and Neil started to back out, so I just said fuck it!  It wasn't
worth going thru all of the hassle to help people, who weren't grateful for what I was I was doing for them any
way.  Why try?

Good luck.  It is way harder than you can imagine it will be.


My Next Email:

Personally, I think you have two choices.  End Insanity MLB now, or keep it going beyond this season....even if
you turn it over to another owner to run.

I know I made trades (including a huge one with you) To get my team in a position to win a few titles down the
road nxt year or the year after.  If its one and done...,,,kinda makes my efforts mute and since Im not gonna
win it all this year gives me little reason to care.  I like my team an all....but its not happening this season.

Gerrys Response:

Since you both were asking pretty much the same thing, I just copied you both in to the same letter.

A big part of the reason keeper leagues shut down is that the people joining them cannot get along with each
other, let alone the guy running them.  Everyone wants to criticize the commissioner and his decisions, but
then they can't understand why he doesn't have the mental capacity to endure year after year of abuse.   

I am at the point where I don't believe in keeper leagues for this very reason.  Humans basically are assholes.  
For every Dave Kappan, you have a Luis, or a Neil screwing with you repeatedly.   Not to mention the small
army of people that I have removed.

I have been playing fantasy sports for 20 years now and after this season, I am getting out of it.  The leagues
don't endure, there is way too much bickering and there always seems to be someone in nearly every league
who is intent on ruining it for the others.  I have just had it with baby sitting.  

My suggestion is that if someone wants to keep the league going, the system allows you to down load the
information (teams, free agents, etc) into Excel spreadsheets; and recruit the owners who want to continue.  
Just open a new league of your own.  Once baseball season ends, this league will end with it.    

Holmes suggested that I close down the league now.  I have committed to being here this year and I am
fulfilling that commitment.  I am just not willing to throw good time after bad because I know that it is impossible
to filter the assholes our upfront.  If I could, all of this would be simple.  

One example is Chuck Rusinek.  I asked him three or four times to read and reread the rules before joining.  
He has been here two months and already is posting, lobbying for the trade system to be changed to a vote.  I
explained to him before he came here that the rules are not going to change, that the owners would change
before the rules would.  Does he listen?  Does he care?  It is always a battle with someone who wants the
league to be run with "their vision", but aren't willing to open their own league and pay their dues to have it
their way.

After beating my head against the wall for three years, the assholes win.  I am convinced that it will be more of
the same and I am just not willing to pay that price.  If you guys are looking for someone to blame, blame the
dick heads who caused trouble.  Blame yourselves.  You both know that we have had multiple run-ins,  and
neither of you are exactly the easiest to get along with at times.  

As you move on to the next league, put this information to use.  Be nice to the next commissioner.  Go with the
flow.  Don't bitch.  Don't be petty.  Stop crying.  Get along with others.  Tell others to shut their mouths when
they need it.  Stand up for the commissioner.  Let him know he is doing a good job.  The last thing you want is
for him to hear year after year is that he is a screw up.  If you want your league to succeed and maintain
longevity, this is the best advice that I can give you.

****************************Hes so perfect aint he...none of this is even a little bit his fault!!!!

My Response....

Just one lil point.  Gerry, you seem to blame everyone for every thing.  Everyone that is but yourself.  You too
are one of the most difficult people to get along with on this planet of ours.  You are old, set in your ways and
happines has passed you by.  The result is you have a temper and backlash against anyone and everyone
regardless of the meanings or motives.  So, while we may be to blame for some of the problems, dont go
making yourself blame free here lil buddy.

And Mr. Nasons Final answer (yep...he lost out on the million bux)

It is people like you that  is the reason that I am closing the leagues.  You, Luis, Neil Clifton and a few others
who were constantly bitching and complaining.  Mark, instead of complaining about everything and everyone,
why don't YOU do something and start your own league.  Then you will see what it is like.  

I may have been difficult to get along with from your perspective, but there is a reason for that, which you
clearly are not intelligent enough or intuitive enough to have grasped.  You are too consumed with your own
selfishness to see those reasons.  

This is the last correspondance that you and I will have, as I am going to block your emails from here on.  If
you plan on finishing the year out in baseball, keep a low profile.
Hows this for a Low Profile Asshole?  Anyhow, this league is done NOW.  Cause The Rock SAID SO!!!   okok,
just kiddin lol.  In reality the league is done now because already many of the teams have quit setting lineups
and making any kind of deals.  Simply because...unless you have a title contender right now....its ova for you
so why try?  Yeah, i thought about dropping my entire team to waivers but while Id love to bother that damn
Nason a bit more...the rest of the league (those few who care anyway) doesnt deserve that so Ill just bow out.  
If anyone needs anything said that The Furor Nason wont allow..holla back cause The Rock..WILL post it!  Ill
see many of you in the other leagues run by normal peeps who spenda few hours a week running some
GREAT leagues....maybe Nason cant read and so he takes then 20 hours tryin to figure out what The Rock is

So there its is.........once again, is The Rock perfect?  Nope.  Has The Rock caused some problems in the
league in the past?  Admittedly...yes.  But, is Gerry Nason totally blame free in all of this?  NO!  Will he ever
admit that some of this is his fault?  Probably not.  Oh least The Rock is silenced NO
The slogan read:

"Fantasy Sports's Best League"

.........and for a was.
In the end, it really is just a game...a
pastime....but boy did it become a total
drag.  Wonder why other equally advanced
leagues...with many of the same owners,
dont have these problems.....
June- 8th - 2008
More troubles for Insanity?  No way!!!  Now we find, Cole, Sean, Zack...ALL gone too as The John Wayne Gacy of
fantasy sports (through we're guessing his actual life is pretty similar as well) strikes again!!  What do we have
today?  A few words between Mr. Clown and the owners now buried in his basement.  Seriously Gerry do you have
any real friends besides yer mom??  CMON!!!  Its a game you psycho asshole!!

June 7th...Kaib to Nason: "When does trading an average SS at best, a mediocre pitcher(and thats being
generous), and a pitcher who probabaly has more DL stints then wins, for the top 2B and maybe the top player in all
of fantasy baseball constitute as a fair trade? i just want to know how the last place team in the division can trade its
best player to one of the top teams in the league and it doesnt mean the last place team is making itself a "bye week"
for the rest of the league? im not competing, and am nowhere near being close to the top of the standings but i just
dont see this as being fair to the competing teams at all. i definetly would have given up more for utley and i
guarantee every other team in the league would have as well. i know you are doen as commish and the league has
met its end, but no one in there right mind, even the commish in a lame duck league, should allow this trade to


Nason responds:  "I let him tell me what he wanted for Utley. I offered him any three from a list and that is what he
picked. Theriot was chosen, as he would need a top 2B to replace Utley. Theriot is ranked 7th of 300 second
basemen, about 100 points behind Utley.

What has happened in the past is of no interest to me. All you can judge a player by is what he is doing now.
Apparently, many other owners feel this way too. Otherwise, Andrew Jones, Scott Rolen, Jim Thome and a host of
other great players would not be amongst the current free agents. If the past was all we judged a player on, then
these former superstars would still be on rosters with owners praying for resurrection.

Harden has proven that he he is back. Maybe not by your standards, but certainly by mine, and apparently by Ray's
as well, since he selected him from the list. Harden has allowed just 12 ER's in his last 7 starts, while striking out 49 in
just 41 IP's. Take away his one bad outing and he has allowed just 7 ER's in 6 starts. This tells me that he is effective
enough to not only win, but to dominate his opponent.

Padilla is amongst MLB leaders in victories with 7. He has allowed just 12 ER's in 6 of his past 7 starts, striking out 38
in 41 IP's. Regardless of what he has or has not done in the past, he is dominating this season. Since all we have is
THIS season, these stats are quite pertainent.

This type of pitching is not available cheaply in this league. Just ask Sean what he wants for injured, lame duck
Fausto Carmona who may not even return this year. That will show you the value of this type of pitching and
Carmona is hurt and has numbers no where near Harden or Padilla.

As far as the injury factor goes, who is to say that Utley will not be beaned by a fast ball to the head today and will
drop dead in the batter's box? Huh? No one knows or can predict the injury possibilities of any player. The past is the
past. All you can go on is what the player has done so far and Harden has been solid from day one thru the first 40%
of the season.

If you don't trust Harden's health, it is your perrogative not to trade for him. If someone else value's him, it is their
choice, their decision, and they alone must live with the rewards or losses resulting from thier choice, just as we ALL

All I can tell you Zack is that if you want to judge what is fair and what isn't, go open your own league and you can go
at it with all of your glory."


Zack answers back: "You whine and whine for respect gerry, and i have been more then kind to give you some, so
the least you could do is give a little respect in return. gerry, you are the biggest piece of shit commish i have ever
seen. you cry about making everything fair, but you only look out for yourself. fuck you gerry. have a great life in
your miserable pathetic world."


My comments: At this point we will refer you back to our previous statements that Mr. Evil Clown Nason refuses to
take any blame for the league (and leagues) collapse on himself.  Really, this is the most selfish guy we have ever
seen!  And NO gerry you are wrong about how much work it takes to run a league.  Couple hours a week and a
league can be run VERVERY well with happy owners for many years.


Gerrys response to Zack: "I was hoping that you would quit, because, quite frankly, I have had enough of both of
(Editors comment:  we're not sure if gerry means Cole and Zack....or Zack and one of Gerrys other
personalities that he's just fed up with)
Your collusion allowed me to terminate your membership to the league.  I wish
both of you the best, but I am glad that I don't have to deal with your babyishness any further.  

If you want to call the shots, guys, go open your own league.  It is easy to sit back and criticize others who are doing
the job, but you never know how hard it is until you do it yourself.  

Thank you for making my day!


Zack comments: "Thanks gerry. you were such a great commish and i am very happy for the opportunity you gave
me in this great league of yours. fuck you. eat shit. and go to hell."


And Mr. Nason answers again: "I don't give a flying fuck what you think about my ability as commissioner.  As of
now, your address is blocked from my system, so this will be the last communication between us.
Don't go away mad, just go away!"


Nason of course kicked Tim Cole as well (Mr. Cole being one of the best fantasy players i have ever met (talent and
sanity wise) and the Commish of a VERY successful MLB league that is every bit as complex as Mr. Gerrys hell
leagues.  The difference?  Coles leagues happen to run very well, with happy owners and a happy commish.  And
unlike Gerrys league, Cole doesnt invest 563 horus a week into it either!

Coles final email to the Insanity league: "Well guys, it's been fun. Dictator Gerry kicked me out of the league for no
reason, although I'm sure he will try and justify it. The fact is, we should really all feel sorry for him. He has no people
skills, refuses to listen to anyone, and gets mad at everything. The league used to be fun, but unfortunately Gerry
had to ruin it by demeaning everyone, changing things constantly, and freaking out at everything. I wish you all the
best of luck that remain in the league. Although, Gerry will probably keep making horribly lopsided trades like the
Utley trade so really, no one has much of a chance. Somehow Zack and I's trade was horrible and worthy of getting
kicked out, but Gerry's trade was pefectly acceptable since it was Gerry who was involved.

I am actually relieved to be out of the league. I was only staying in the league for the rest of you. We had already lost
2 owners, and although I wanted to quit, I wanted to stick it out so we could still have a competitive league. It is a
shame that the league had to end like it is, but Gerry has just alienated everyone. Maybe someday he will realize he
is largely to blame, and accept responsibility for once in his life.

I started a baseball league before this season and it has run extremely well. The scoring system is stable and does
not change weekly. It is a very active league, and none of the owners complain. If owners have suggestions I actually
listen to them, instead of telling them their ideas are stupid and dismissing them like Gerry does so often. I am very
interested in starting a 2nd league similar to it for next season, so if you are interested in being in a fun, competitive
league where your ideas will actually be listened to, and a commissioner who isn't out of his mind please email me. I
truly believe you would all enjoy the league, and I would be very pleased to have each and every one of you. You
would all be great additions to the league as owners.

That's all I got. Have a good one guys.

-Tim Cole"


JT Thomson is another who is now gone from the league and just like the another who makes a lot of
sense!  Neat little pattern....make sense, get booted.

JT's, State of the Leagues address:  "I will put this as politically correct as I can (which is difficult) as I would like to
point out some things.  1. I paid $10 to play in a 16 team league, not a 12 team league (and definetly not a 4 team
league). The season is not even half over and this league is in shambles. All of our effort over the last 3 years is for
nothing now and we might as well be playing in a free Yahoo Baseball league.  2. Why were the 2 teams booted
BEFORE the end of the scoring period? We were a day and a half away from the end of the week. Co-incidently (or
maybe not) the Victims now have the best record in the league and they avoid loosing at least one game this week
(because I was beating them before the schedule change).  Gerry, you might not care if you finish with 4 owners but
those owners that signed up for this leage and have been good owners since day one do! In fact one of the owners
wants to save this league that you've successfully run into the ground.  So my question is............. Why didn't YOU
just leave the league in the hands of one of the other owners and walk away? If every owner is bothering you why do
you hang on to this league? The reasonable approach would be to hand over the league to an owner that wants to
keep the league going. Do you like the challenge of winning a 4 team league??? Anyways, I will assume I've been
booted and will wish everyone who stays a whole lotta luck to finish out the year. I'm sure you'll have a few more
waiver wire pickups along the way. I'll see most of you in the other leagues! Gerry, it was a great league and it's
unfortunate you've decided to run it into the ground.  ALL HAIL MEGATRON!"

Gerrys response to JT?  "Shut up and Play!!"

JTs answer: "Maybe you should change the league motto from "Fantasy Sports Best League" to......."Shut up and
Play!" I'm glad to see we're going to have a lot of fun then the rest of the way here. Man I can hardly wait to get up
each morning and set me lineup all the while maintaining that cosmic mantra......SHUT UP AND PLAY! Very Nice, has
a nice ring to it now doesn't it??? Maybe I'll use it in everythingI do. How about SHUT UP AND WORK? Or maybe
SHUT UP AND EAT! Or this is the best one....SHUT UP AND WATCH TV! LMAO Watch out Sean I think your last post
borders on a complaint. Gerry has no room for that! Will the league be down to 10 by the end of the day? What will
Gerry Do? Will he press the magic button and expell the Decepticons? But really why would he expell the
Decepticons? They have not called him any names. They have asked clarification questions but I don't believe
they've complained, have they?Oh that's right the real problem with the Decepticons is they.............didn't SHUT UP
AND PLAY!  Ohhhh the anticipation............Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock....... I'm not going to SHUT UP AND PLAY, but I will
continue to set my lineup. SO the decision is yours Gerry........can youafford to expell another owner or do you want
to rethink theway your running this league and at least make it interesting or POSSIBLY EVEN FUN for the poor souls
that areleft for the remainder of the year?  Oh that's right but if it was FUN it would take away from the.........SHUT UP
AND PLAY motto!"


And now, Sean Edward is gone too.  We won't say Sean is our favorite player.  he seemingly is always able to pull
the wool over other owners eyes and pull off trades that seem totally one sided.  Though, we'll also say that if it was
us, we'd be thrilled to get those one sided deals.  In any case though, Sean was a pretty good owner and he didnt
deserve to be buried along with the rest of the peeps who refuse to be in a league that Gerry runs JUST SO HE CAN
WIN A TITLE!!  Sean was not a fan of how the standings have been continuously manipulated and how...gee...gerrys
team remains on top throughout!  His probing finally got him the boot.

One of Seans final emails to Nason: "first off i scored 186 the first week and did not lose all the games...secondly I
would not be hurting even worse as with these standings... because under these standings I am in 5th and 2 games
behind 4th place yet if we were playing everyone im tied for 4th and only 2 games behind please explain how
that would hurt me...get your facts right before you make a response like that at least make the argument valid.

also by deleting teams I now go 0-4 this week instead of 1-3 because I am no longer playing BRM this week. Prior to
teams being deleted in would have had a 26-10 record going into this week and yet now it looks like I will get 8 or 9
losses in 1 week! that is would only be fair if we used the breakdown standings that way these
scheduling changes are basically eliminated because it will be as if we played each team every week...

if posting something as simple as opinion...gets me kicked then really no one should want to be in this
league we should just leave Gerry to win the league with noone here."

A typical Nason blame-free response: "Thank you very much, Sean.  Now I don't ever have to deal with your
childish, selfish ass every again.  You were a pain in the ass and I am happy to be rid of you.  You were a major
problem in the league and most of the other owners hated your guts.  You caused me more work than any other
single owner, as I had to constantly field emails from people who hated you.   

I am sure that all of that pitching you stockpiled will be greatly appreciated by the rest of the league.  You went from
being a favorite to win the league, to a mere distant memory, all because of your big mouth.  In fact, there is nothing
to show that you ever were even here.  All that time and effort for nothing!  Nothing!  Good job, Sean!  Good job!

Don't bother responding.  I have already blocked your emails.  You will never darken my doorstep again."
May - 24th - 2008
From the minds that brought you Dracula, Pet
Cemetery and Signs...comes a horror film unlike any

It started out just like any other game....untill, The
Commish...lost it.  Coming Next Friday the Thriteenth
when the Blue Moon shines brightest.....
                                           Seans "farewell" to Mr. Nason        

"What is this email in response to it says thank you very much...but I would never say thank you to sick need mental help and everyone in the league has been saying that...weve
been sending emails behind your back you stupid fucker...good thing this is your last fantasy season
becauase after what we've told CBS they would never allow you back you crotchety old man...I wish
upon you a fucking terrible life for as long as you live which probably wont be long based on the way
you are truly the rudest and most disrespectful person of other humans I have ever met in
my whole life

ps. only a little cumguzzling pussy such as yourself would block all emails before I could respond...

have a fucking shitty life...its probably a lonely as hell one too you fucking asshole"
June- 13th - 2008