Serving Spoon
2 Pieces
2 5/8-oz ea.
74 grams ea.
8 3/8" ea.
Tea Spoon
24 Pieces
1-oz ea.
5 3/4" ea.
Tea Spoon
24 Pieces
1-oz ea.
26 grams ea.
5 3/4" ea.
Soup Spoon
12 Pieces
1 1/4-oz ea.
36 grams ea.
6 1/4" ea.
Iced Tea/Stirring Spoon
12 Pieces
1 1/8-oz ea.
30 grams ea.
7 1/2" ea.
Dinner Fork
12 Pieces
1 1/2-oz ea.
43 grams ea.
7 1/4" ea.
Salad/Dessert Fork
12 Pieces
1 3/8-oz ea.
39 grams ea.
6 3/8" ea.
Cocktail/Olive Fork
12 Pieces
5/8-oz ea.
17 grams ea.
5 5/8" ea.

Below you will find full details on this incredible Gorham Sterling set.  The set includes 113 pieces of Gorham
Sterling, all of which are of the Lyric pattern.  All of the pieces are adorned with a monogram of the latter "H"

Full details on weight and length of each piece can be found below.  You will also find detailed pictures of the
only large blemishes to the set at the bottom of this page.

After looking, please feel free to email me at with any additional questions or
picture requests!

The two shots below are of the entire 113
piece set, taken in full sunlight
These four shots are a closer look at the set.  
(pardon the upper left quadrant being out of
The two shots below are of the entire 113
piece set (flipped) , taken in full sunlight
The shots below are of the full set taken
inside the included Gorham case.
A close-up of the monogramming
And again, the entire set, closer up and flipped
Below these next two set shots you will find
closeups of each type of piece in the set along
with length and weight specifications.
1 of each piece shown

Sugar Spoon
1 1/4-oz
33 grams

Jelly Serving Spoon
30 grams
6 1/8"

Master Butter Spread
1 3/8-oz
39 grams
Butter Knife
12 Pieces
1-oz ea.
27 grams ea.
5 5/8" ea.
The last big blemish is not to the set but to the case.  This Gorham case has been around for a LONG time
and it shows.  The inside is still in great shape as the pics at the top show and the hinges are great as well, but
the outside is in need of work to restore its original scratch-free shine.
Dinner Knife
12 Pieces
66 grams ea.
(This is the total weight of each....keep in
mind that he handle is Sterling but the
blade is Stainless)
9 3/4" ea.
Next is the worst of the bunch.  This poor butter knife was being cleaned after a
Thanksgiving dinner when the perfect storm hit.  An uncle of mine turned on the garbage
disposal (thought it was a light switch) and after being startled the cleaner (don't quite
remember who that was) dropped the knife and it went in.  The damage is obvious but not
so bad that it could not be repaired.  Anyhow, these shots are of that one damaged knife.
Now for the blemishes.  As I have stated, this set is in very good
shape but it does show signs of usage.  On almost all of the pieces
this wear is minor however I have 2 items that have more outright
The first is one of the dinner forks.  All 12
show usage, but this particular fork has a
groove or two that was deep enough that I
felt I should mention and show it.
Thanks again for looking and please email me with any questions or additional picture requests!