Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except for a Mouse.

He worked his tiny laptop with a hope and a dream, setting the lineup for his fantasy team.

When suddenly a great bellow could be heard from the street, Mouse went to check it out, maybe it was carolers with treats!

As Mouse ran toward the front he heard a stomp and a clatter and he swore from outside he heard “It Doesn’t Matter….”

He opened the door with a tug and pull, then saw on the porch stood a Great Brahma Bull.

His smiling face quickly turned to a frown, as Bull told him “Time to Layeth the Smack DOWN”.

The mouse turned to run but his feet started to fail, as off of the ground he was lifted by his tail.

As the Mouse was lifted higher, up toward the roof he thought, how is he grabbing me with only a hoof?

But it wasn’t a Bull, it was much much worse, stay with me now we’re almost to the last verse.

The Mouse turned and looked as he heard a “Tick Tock…..”, It wasn’t a Bull at all, it was The Great One…THE ROCK.

Mouse wasn’t sure how his mind played such a trick, but he knew what The Rock wanted, the Number One Pick.

The Rock raised a brow as he turned back toward the front, then out in the street he deposited the Mouse with a punt.

Mouse knew it was over before it began, for this was all part of The Rocks Master Plan.

Kicked all the way out of his house home and hearth, Mouse wanted to go back in time, like Wayne and Garth.

The Rock took Mouse down just like he’s done before, this time not a battle, now Rocky’s won the War.

Let this stand as a lesson, The Rock is one you don’t want to fight, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night.......