A couple of Pics of the front of the unit.
A full pic of the entire back panel
Now, the blemishes.  First, there are a
few very minor scratches around the
HDMI ports.  Functionality is not
affected at all but still figured I should
mention that they are there.
Took a few closeups of the front
Figured why not take a shot of the top
The second.....A small blemish on the right rear
corner of the receiver.  Just a minor paint scratch.
Close up shots of the back panel
Included accessories.  Original Box is
included as well.
The biggest blemish is the right hinge on the front
door.  Went to pop the door open one day and
that hinge just snapped.  It has been a problem
for several owners of this receiver and a new
front door assembly can be purchased from
Denon.  The only functionality affected by this is
the fact that the front door will not stay closed.  
The left hinge is intact.