A couple of Pics from the front, door
open and closed.
A full pic of the entire back panel
Now, the blemishes.  First, there are
some scratches on the 1st HDMI port.  
The port functions just fine but devices
have been swapped in and out many
times on that port resulting in the
Took a few closeups of the front
Figured why not take a shot of the top
The second.....Two small nicks on the right side
(this shot was taken from the back).  Didn't even
notice these until I was doing my closeup
inspection of the unit.  A monster powercenter
was located on a shelf next to the Denon.  The
PS was too wide for the shelf and one of its feet
sat on this side of the receiver.  They aren't dents
in the metal of course, just rubbed the paint
away.  On a thermal note, that powercenter just
barely rested on the Denon and the top
ventilation has never been obstructed in any way.
Close up shots of the back panel
Included accessories (as far as the box
goes, I am missing two pieces of the
original foam....still easy to package
securely but, figured I'd still mention it).