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The Sound Cards.....

2- SB Live
1- Audigy 2
1- Audigy
1- X-Fi Xtreme Audio
This would be the Sager NP5793 (Clevo M570RU-U)

Full Spec List:

- Display: 17" WUXGA "Glare Type" Super Cl
- Arctic Silver: Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound
- Processor: ~Intel® T9300 45nm "Penryn" Core
- Video Card: 512MB PCI-Express nVidia GeForce 8800GTX
- Ram: 4,096MB DDR2 667 PC2
- Intel® Robson Turbo Memory: None Standard
- Exterior Finish: NP5792/5793 Silver Frame
- Optical Drive: ~Combo 8x8x6x4x Dual Layer DVD/RW
- Primary Hard Drive: ~ 250GB 5400RPM (Serial-ATA 150)
- Memory Card Reader: Internal 7-in-1 Card Reader (MS/
- Bluetooth: Internal Bluetooth 2.0+ EDR
- Wireless Network: Built-in Intel® PRO/Wireless 496
- Camera: Built in 2.0 Megapixel Camera
- Sound Card: Sound Blaster Compatible 3D Audio
- Case: Basic Black Business Case - Included
- Battery: Smart Li-ion Battery (8-Cell)
- AC Adapter: Full Range Auto Switching AC Adapter
- Fingerprint Reader: Integrated Fingerprint Reader
- Operating System: ~Windows Vista Home Premium 64-B
- Warranty: 3 Year Labor* 1 Year Parts Warra
Dual XFX 8800GTXs

Used in an SLi configuration for about a year then split up into different
PCs on the LAN.

Neither has ever been OC'd and they are still a KILLER setup in SLi
Canon G2 Digital Camera

Great Camera but I dont have a charger for it
JVC DVHS Players
Canon S5 IS Camera

Near Flawless condition and including ALL acc.
Canon G2 Digital Camera

Great Camera but I dont have a charger for it
A Tarakan 3060 HD distrbution DVR

Yep..there it is.  No remote or power cable
By FAR the coolest (and oddest) thing I have for sale

Awesome lit World of Nintendo sign
Would like to sell but no clue how ta ship er
The RDRAM.....

2 Sticks o Kingston 512
2 Sticks o Samsung 256
4 tasty Crimms